Aretha Busby’s fashion accomplishments have secured her reputation as a well sought after and respected stylist. Her vision is that style enhance, never overpower. This high level of creativity evolves from an astute eye, unique sensibilities, and vivacious enthusiasm for every project she undertakes. Aretha’s intuitive understanding of trends and her natural ability to pinpoint the inherent facets of beauty in all women, ensures that every woman’s own unique qualities shine whenever Aretha is on set.

A powerhouse of ideas and insight, at just 25 years old, Aretha was entrusted to head the fashion department at Redbook Magazine. She influenced over two million readers each month with her smart style solutions for their bodies, wallets and lifestyles. It was here where she first made her mark in the high-octane world in which she continues to thrive. In her tenure as a Fashion Director and as a freelance stylist, Aretha has collaborated with some of the most illustrious and preeminent fashion and celebrity photographers, bringing with her a depth of knowledge of the fashion industry that is unparalleled.

Aretha’s insider perspective that clients must wear clothes, not have clothes wear them, is the cornerstone of her continued success. This standard has won her the praise and respect of a diverse group of world-class clients. Whether working with real-people, top models, or A-list celebrities, Aretha Busby brings unwavering passion, eye-catching creativity, and innumerable talents and focus to her work, and to every aspect of her life.